Frequently Asked Questions

Answering any questions you may have about purchasing a lodge.

How long is the park’s season?

We are open for 12 months of the year. We are licensed by Conwy County Council to operate for holiday and recreational use only. We are not classed as residential, meaning you cannot occupy your holiday home on a residential basis. 

How much are your annual pitch fees?

The pitch fees are £3,850 per annum, including VAT for a 10 and a half month season. This fee is payable on the 1st February each year.
The pitch fee are inclusive of routine repairs and maintenance to the park, a contribution towards the local authority rates, rubbish removal, water rates, grounds maintenance, landscaping, Tv, sky and digital connection & free standard wi-fi connection. These are often billed as extras on other parks. You can expect the pitch fee to be reviewed on an annual basis, and will normally increase in line with inflation.

What are the charges and running costs?

All our holiday lodges will be priced to include delivery, siting and connection. Piped gas & electricity are metered and billed twice a year, meters being read in June & October.
What insurance do I need?
We require all owners to have adequate insurance for their lodges, you will be required to provide the park with a copy of your insurance documents each year. We act as an introducer for Leisuredays. 

Do you provide finance?

We deal with Pegasus who specialise in caravan and lodges. Please see our on line link on the Nant lodges finance page.

Do I own the land that my lodge is pitched on?

No, you do not own the land, but you do have the right to use the pitch as long as you pay your site fees, and abide but the Park rules.

Can I choose where my lodge is sited?

Yes. When buying a lodge from us, you may choose a vacant plot subject to availability and suitability.
We already own a lodge or have seen one elsewhere, can we bring it on to Nant Lodges?
Generally we would prefer to sell you a lodge from our own stock. Also due to a limited number of plots we have on the park we cannot always make one available for you to move your existing caravan onto. We will however discuss taking it as part exchange against one of our holiday lodges.

Decking installed at my lodge?

Most of our holiday lodges come with decking. If this is not the case with a particular lodge, then you will be able to have decking installed. All works of this nature need to be conducted through the office, using approved suppliers only, to ensure compliance with park rules and safety regulations.

Am I able to make my caravan my main residence?

No, sorry. The site License does not permit this. You must have an alternative place of residence.
Am I allowed to stay in my caravan during the closed season?
The park licence issued by the Local Council insists that we have a closed period as the Park is not residential use. For this reason we are closed from the 15th January.

Do you allow pets?

As an owner you are welcome to bring pets with you. We are a dog friendly park, although the limit is two dogs per lodge. 

What amenities does the park have?

The Park is a haven of peace and tranquillity, we do not have a shop or clubhouse however we do have a dog exercise area, picnic area and a woodland walk. 

What if there is a change of ownership of the park?

A change of ownership of the park will not affect your statutory rights or those contained within your license agreement.

Is there park security?

We have a park warden 24/7. We are on site 7 days a week. We have CCTV installed which is located at the entrance to the park.

Can we sub-let our caravan?

We do not allow our owners to sub-let their caravans, however you are free to let your family and friends use your caravan at any time. Please advise the office. We expect any guests at your holiday home to abide by the park rules, and as owner you will be held responsible for the behaviour of all guests you allow to use your holiday home.

Do you have any practices in place to protect me and my holiday home?

In addition to having 10 years’ experience of delivering excellence as standard, we are proud members of the British Holiday & Home Parks Association, so you can rest assured that an approval license agreement is in place.

If you have any other questions or need any advice please call us at the office anytime: 01492 680254